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Tsohost Promotional Code

Are you looking for a Tsohost promotional code? This website is proudly hosted by Tsohost, one of the most affordable and reliable cloud hosting companies in the UK. With excellent uptime and unparalleled customer service, Tsohost stand out in a saturated market. Put simply, Tsohost are a great host – so it's appropriate that you can save 10% on their hosting with the promo code “GREATHOST”! Read my full Tsohost review below, and learn why I've been a happy Tsohost customer for more than seven years.

About this Tsohost promotional code

Who comes up first when you search for your name online? If searching does find a page about you, is it a professional first impression or a Facebook profile? Combine a simple website with a £7.19 domain name* from Tsohost to make your name online… and push those embarrassing holiday photos down the Google rankings, to boot! They even offer new .online domain names* for just £1.99 a year, with millions of domains to choose from for less than the cost of a Happy Meal.

The Tsohost promotional code “GREATHOST” is your chance to join one of Britain's best hosting companies with a 10% discount taken off of the usual cost. Given how competitive their prices are in the first place, this Tsohost promo code makes their web hosting an absolute bargain!

If you're looking to move your site to the cloud, take it from me that web hosting from Tsohost is reliable, fast and scalable. What more could you ask for from a web host? (If you answered that hypothetical question with “a 10% discount, Chris!” then you're in luck thanks to the Tsohost promotional code “GREATHOST”!)

How can I use this Tsohost promotional code?

This 10% Tsohost discount code is valid on all of the Tsohost Cloud Web Hosting packages (Personal, Startup, Business and Ecommerce plans), as well as Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers and Complex Hosting Solutions. Basically, if you're keen to host your website in the cloud then the Tsohost promotional code “GREATHOST” will save you 10% on your order, no matter how big or how small it may be! Make sure you're ready for growth in 2017 with reliable hosting from Tsohost.

Top 5 reasons to choose Tsohost

If the prospect of saving 10% on cloud hosting with the Tsohost promotional code “GREATHOST” isn't enough to convince you to take the plunge, here are my top five reasons for choosing Tsohost:

  1. Tsohost cloud web hosting costs from as little as: £1.61 a month for Personal Hosting, which permits one hosted website, 25,000 monthly page views, and 500MB of storage; or £3.50 a month for Startup Hosting, which triples the number of hosted websites, quadruples the monthly page view allowance, and offers 30 times the storage! All Tsohost cloud plans include free SSL certificate support, so your website will display with a secure HTTPS padlock in the browser bar – perfect for SEO and the modern web. (Plus, there's an extra 10% off with the Tsohost promotional code “GREATHOST”!)
  2. Their customer support is unbelievably good. Tsohost provide personal, quality advice (not automated responses or stock cut 'n' paste replies) 24/7/365, and within a quite astonishing time frame. I asked the Tsohost team a quick question whilst writing this list, and received a comprehensive reply within three minutes. Heck, a few years ago I bought someone a domain name from Tsohost as a geeky Christmas gift and needed assistance on the big day. I received a response to a support ticket on Christmas Day, within 15 minutes of sending my original message. Tsohost offer live chat and phone support, and are second-to-none in this department.
  3. Tsohost offer free web hosting for UK charities, which is sure to warm the cockles of your heart!
  4. Their server set-up has more gigabits and jiggawatts than Doc Brown's flux capacitor. Premium hardware and a robust network infrastructure ensure Tsohost provide their customers with optimal uptime, security and speed. Such is the scale of their success, Tsohost have had their own dedicated data centre since 2013, and this serves the majority of their customers. It's never been so affordable to have your website hosted in a fully secure, future-proof data centre; unlock the doors of this state-of-the-art facility for 10% less with the Tsohost promo code “GREATHOST”!
  5. If you already have a web host, there's no need to worry about the complexities of moving your files, databases, scripts and domain names from your old hosting company to Tsohost. At the time of writing (November 2017), they offer free migration assistance with many of their most popular web hosting packages! This expert assistance makes it straightforward to switch to a more reliable and personable host. (Of course you save 10% on your order with the Tsohost promotional code “GREATHOST”, making this even better value!)

Pay annually to save even more!

The longer you pay for Tsohost hosting with your first order, the more you stand to save. For example, imagine you order their most popular Business cloud hosting plan with a 10% discount using the Tsohost promotional code “GREATHOST”. If you choose to pay monthly, you'll save £1.05 on your initial order. However, pay annually and you'll save £10.55 – 10 times the saving! Heck, if you go the whole hog and pay for two years of their top eCommerce cloud hosting using the Tsohost promotional code “GREATHOST”, you'll save £25.94! That's enough to raise a toast to your brand new host, with a round of celebratory drinks. Cheers!

One-click WordPress installation in the Tsohost cloud

More than 74 million people use the blogging platform WordPress. Are you one of them? Whether you're a newbie learning the basics of blogging, or a WordPress power user with more plugins than the air freshener aisle at Waitrose, you'll love the ease of hosting your WordPress website in the Tsohost cloud. Their one-click installation process lets you set up WordPress in 20 seconds. Once you're logged in to your hosting dashboard, launch the application installer and then select WordPress. Choose the folder where you'd like WordPress to live, and then click the big green button that says “Install”. That's all there is to it!

As if that wasn't enough reason to choose Tsohost, you also have the reassurance of free daily backups of your website files, plus UK-based support just a free phone call away should you run into any troubles. Oh, and of course 10% off your first Tsohost web hosting order with the promo code “GREATHOST”!

What if I already have web hosting elsewhere?

There are many ways in which choosing the wrong web host can cost you money. Beyond the obvious fees associated with the hosting itself, there's the financial impact on your business when your website goes offline unexpectedly. If you run an e-commerce site, this is akin to a 24 hour supermarket bolting the doors without warning! Falling offline could even damage the Google rankings you've worked so hard to establish. What's more, time is money, and if you're frequently contacting your web hosts to resolve niggling issues (and waiting 48 hours for a reply every time) then that represents an indirect cost to your business.

Switching to Tsohost could save you money on your monthly or annual web hosting fees, on top of which their domain names* are significantly cheaper than many of their competitors. Moreover, their reliable service and swift response to problems large and small mean that Tsohost could save you money on hidden or forgotten costs. I've been a Tsohost customer for over three years and have never once looked back… except to wish I had discovered them sooner! Make the jump, and join Tsohost – don't forget that you'll save 10% on your initial web hosting order with the Tsohost promotional code “GREATHOST”. Happy days!

Enjoy a 10% discount with the Tsohost promotional code “GREATHOST” today!

* This is an affiliate link which, if you sign up to Tsohost after clicking through from this page, earns me a referral fee – without costing you a penny! If you would prefer not to visit Tsohost via an affiliate link, please go to and enter the Tsohost promotional code “GREATHOST” at the checkout.

Tsohost promotional code: enjoy a 10% discount with the promo code “GREATHOST”!In the Tsohost cloud, installing WordPress takes just one click! Save 10% with the Tsohost promotional code “GREATHOST”.